The Who’s Who of the Burlesque Underground

A basic guide to the main players within the Underground world.

*NOTE: Not all details herein are ‘common knowledge’ amongst fans and friends of the Seven Families. These notes are out-of-character information only.

11947554_10153078585000036_5790014717357897600_nJASPER BAELIAN BLACK is the King of the Underground and the host of the show. Jasper has Dissociative Identity Disorder (multiple personalities), which means there are multiple people inhabiting the same body at the same time. These can manifest at random, but are currently restricted to three main personas: Jasper, Baelian and Nikolai. The other fracture, Belladonna, is currently dormant. The first, JASPER (or Cookie), is essentially an overgrown teenager. He’s 33, but he still acts quite childishly; he’s prone to mood swings from bouncy and excitable to sullen and pouty. He’s a lot of fun and very social. BAELIAN is the “grown up,” though he was a child ‘treasure’ of the old Fundays. He’s brooding and serious, honest to a fault and doesn’t tolerate any “be nice because you’re the host” bullshit. He can be extremely harsh, and otherwise prone to simply ignoring people, but his love for and loyalty to his harem and family is intense. The third persona, NIKOLAI (or Niki), is the product of a lifetime of psychological brainwashing. Nurtured by his elders to be the future heir of two great families, he is violent, ruthless, bloodthirsty and psychotic, an animal in every sense of the word. With no conscience, no moral reasoning and no empathy, Niki has no problem whatsoever using others to his advantage (whether physically or psychologically), and is not above cold-blooded and often brutal murder to get what he wants. Many also consider him the most charming of all of Jasper’s personalities, his dangerous wit and volatile nature making him a favourite with the ladies…whom he skilfully controls through a mix of fear, desire and a few subtly administered sedatives.

1528567_10151916598578723_1611687254_nBELLA JADE BLACK is the Queen of the Underground and Jasper’s wife. Jasper adopted her as his ward when he was 19 and she was 7 (allegedly purchasing her from a heroin addict prostitute mother), and as a child she was known as Betsy (you may well see a flashback to her childhood or teen years during a show). After ‘Betsy’ turned 18, she changed her name and was made legal heir to the Black Family empire and fortune. Not long afterwards, she and Jasper were married. She’s known as the Ice Queen, is insanely beautiful and extremely elegant. Not friendly, with a stare that can turn your blood cold, she is also not overly cruel. Bella is all about protecting her husband and upholding the family name, at all costs. She is conflicted about her husband’s condition, having a strong attachment to Jasper, but more of a platonic and grudging respect for Baelian. Lately, an odd sexual tension has been brewing between the two, and neither of them seem to know how to deal with it. Most recently, Bella gave birth to Jasper’s first official heir and the Prince of the Underground, a son she named Tristan Erebus Black.


10269385_683179495104618_6478470806875355397_nASINOE HARDCOURT is Jasper’s P.A. They have a ‘professional relationship.’ Asinoe works at the offices of Black Family Inc. running about according to Jasper’s whims and psychologically messing with Baelian, with whom she has a checkered history. Asinoe also has Dissociative Identity Disorder, and returned in late 2015 after her alter ego had been running her life for the bulk of the year. Asinoe spent the last 12 months trying to regain a hold on her existence and come to terms with the fact that everything she believed about her life was a lie. She is outwardly warm and friendly, but calculating and manipulative underneath. She is a sociopath in the truest sense of the word, and likes to torture and play with others for fun. She was recently rendered dormant once again by Claudia Monére.

12226894_10153227499815036_1831540314_nALINA BELLAMANTIS is Asinoe’s alter ego. She has been Baelian’s only romantic interest since they were very young children, was a ‘treasure’ at the old Fundays, and is the mother of his first born child.  She is cold and cruel on the surface, but hides many layers of mixed emotions beneath. Alina is Baelian’s official mistress and stands beside Bella both in private and in the public eye, with no secret and no shame about their relationship. Alina is not fond of sharing him, but knows that she owns Baelian’s heart and has no interest in Jasper at all. Alina was unfortunately rendered dormant in late 2015 by Professor Kreutz, allowing Asinoe to regain control of her body once more, but has recently resurfaced to lay claim to what she considers HER body. And Baelian.


12191409_10153220426630036_1577190046528397257_nBETHANY BELLADONNA BLACK is Baelian’s second born daughter. Raised as the child of Jasper’s brother Jett and his wife Betty, she is actually the result of an affair that Jasper and Betty once had. Jasper never knew this, and still believes himself to be Bethany’s “Uncle J”. Baelian knows, and Bethany calls him Daddy. As a child she was often called Bethy (you will almost certainly meet her as an 8yo, she tends to regress under stress), and she loved her Uncle J. Though she believes herself to be the same age as her ‘sister’ Bella, she is in fact quite a few years younger. As a teen, Bethany drugged and raped Baelian, resulting in a violent but mostly consensual physical relationship (and the alleged birth of twins). She resents Jasper for taking time away from her and her Daddy, whom she loves obsessively. Bethany is currently seventeen years old, and after a brief marriage to her English Teacher Mr Nick and the stillbirth of “their” twin children, is now engaged to Grigori Katorga at Baelian’s insistence. She most recently went for an extended visit with her Uncle Jett in Berlin.


538415_401223839952844_1571594833_nBETTY BLACK (nee Dream) is married to Jasper’s younger brother, Jett, but spends most of her time residing in Mexico and jet-setting back to Australia and to visit her husband in Berlin. A child of the old Fundays, she’s in and out of rehab for alcohol and valium addictions, and fluctuates between begrudging love and open disdain for her daughter Bethany. Betty is hilarious, and friendly to anyone who’ll have a drink with her. When they’re both in Australia, she and Jasper have weekly “baking” lessons. They are yet to cook anything.




IMG_6548JETT BALTHAZAR BLACK is Jasper’s younger brother and equal heir to the Black Family fortune. He is a cold hearted psychopath and a self-confessed snob with no time for anyone of middle or lower class. Raised as the prodigal son, Jett is ruthless and unforgiving, except when it comes to his Family. His marriage to Betty is mostly one of convenience, as he openly prefers the company of men. Jett currently resides in Berlin and is under contract with the Secret Services. He is rumoured to be a serial killer, but this has never been substantiated.


10470581_358002621052057_3192860700563719303_nLORELEI ‘LUNA’ BELLAMANTIS-BLACK was until recently a mystery. Calling herself Luna, she was a charming girl with a camera permanently glued to her hands. All that was known about her was that she was ordered to attend the Underground one day to see the show and report back to her “Daddy.” More recently, it was revealed that Luna was in fact Lorelei Bellamantis-Black, the daughter of Baelian and Alina, who was presumed dead during the old Fundays. She had been stolen away at birth and raised by Asinoe’s grandfather, William Hardcourt, and Lyra’s Uncle Lucien Monére. She has only just returned to the Family folds…and is no longer so charming.



GRIGORI ALEC KATORGA is the head of the Russian Katorga Family, having inherited the title of ‘Pakhan’ after the death of his mob boss grandfather, Alexei.  While he isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty if absolutely necessary, Grigori is generally non-violent. He is usually good-natured, if cheeky, and a lot of fun to have a drink with. If he turns stern, get out of the way, it means he has serious business with one of the 7. Grigori has a love/hate relationship with Baelian…he used to be married to Jasper’s alter ego Belladonna, and is currently engaged to Bethany Black. Grigori is also half brother to both Jasper and Asinoe.


2015-05-15-untitled shoot-128-32CLAUDIA ‘LYRA’ MONÉRE recently inherited the position of head of the Monére Family. She is a child of the old Fundays and was perhaps the one most affected by it besides Baelian. Going by the name of Lyra, she spent a lot of her adolescence in a mental facility. When she first came to the Underground she believed herself to be Jasper’s imaginary friend, but now she considers him her adoptive brother. She and Baelian are close and have a physical relationship, but are not altogether always fond of each other. Lyra is mostly positive, bubbly and very friendly, if a little insane. Up until recently she resided, somewhat against her will, with Professor Kreutz and her fiance, the Mad King, Vernon Lytton. After Vernon’s “suicide” over Christmas, she elected to stay with the Professor and help him continue his research, much to Baelian’s dismay and contempt. Since the Professor’s untimely death earlier this year, Lyra has taken to calling herself Claudia once more and, after inheriting Kreutz’s fortunes and legacy, opted to carry on his work in the scientific and medical fields. She most recently fell in love with and subsequently lost her ‘partner in crime’ Nikolai, leaving her somewhat unsure of her place amongst the family folds.


1536422_10202207768907086_2014531753_nEDEN NYSTRÖM DREAM, the bastard child of Reverend Dream, half sister to Vernon Lytton and cousin to Betty Black, is an old lover of Grigori’s and Lyra’s closest friend from the old Fundays. Growing up with Baelian, Alina, Betty and Lyra in the Black Family Manor, she was known as the ‘Iron Maiden’ due to her seemingly unbreakable nature. She is generally quiet and unassuming, preferring to listen and learn all she can about those around her. She is intelligent, calculating and somewhat paranoid. Her only goal in life is to protect those she loves. She is currently engaged to Scarlett.



12106906_677854578981465_1330241475812465039_nSCARLETT OPHELIA MICHAELS is the Black Family’s head of security and Baelian’s personal bodyguard. Though sometimes friendly on the outside, she is essentially made of stone. She is not sociable, but is the Family’s protector. She loves them all and watches over them, keeping them from harm. Hired by Baelian when she was young, she handles all his dirty work and is responsible for ‘taking out the laundry.’ She is currently engaged to Eden Dream.




ivoryIVORY is Baelian’s personal submissive. She is cold and uncaring toward practically everyone. She is dedicated to every one of the people who inhabit Jasper’s body. She serves Baelian the most, and plays with him the most often, but she and Jasper have a strong affection for each other, and she is in awe of Belladonna. Now that Alina has been removed from the game, Ivory is one of Baelian’s sole sources of comfort.



2015-05-15-untitled shoot-128-9OPIUM is Jasper’s submissive, and therefore obeys orders from Ivory, because Baelian outranks Jasper in the hierarchy, so Ivory outranks Opium. She follows Ivory’s lead most of the time in all things, unless she is with Jasper or Baelian alone. Opium is the reverse of Ivory – warm, caring and social. She is hopelessly in love with Baelian but mostly in service to Jasper, and has recently been striking up a close bond with Luna.




11222401_10153209746785036_1579522026504311683_nPROFESSOR FRIEDRICH EUGENE KREUTZ was a business associate of Jasper’s father and the original Seven during the old Fundays. A frighteningly skilled psychiatrist, Kreutz’ family was rumoured to have been involved in illegal Nazi experiments during World War II. Growing up in the South after his father fled Germany, Friedrich is the on the outside a quintessential Southern gentleman, though he was responsible for the psychological conditioning and torture of the Funday treasures during childhood. He surfaced back into their lives in 2014, resuming his mind games and studies of Baelian and the others. The Professor is able to control every one of the Seven using trigger words and gestures, and was most recently instrumental in the return of Asinoe Hardcourt during the Black Family Christmas gathering. He took up lodgings in Melbourne, continuing his studies with Lyra Monére as his willing assistant and pupil, until his untimely death under suspicious circumstances in April.


steiner.jpgGENERAL STEINER (aka- “The Nazi”) spent most of his time in the Underground thinking he was a member of Hitler’s army who had been cryogenically frozen and then thawed out 65 years later. He is not. Steiner realised the truth about his true identity last year, and is now bent on tracking down those responsible for his brainwashing and the death of his family. He is German and speaks in broken English with even more broken German thrown in. He was tricked into forming a pact with Alexei Katorga and was as a result duty-bound to protect Jasper and Grigori from harm until recently. Now, Steiner is a gun for hire and takes care of the family’s…bigger threats. He travels back and forth from abroad, where he runs an organization known as the Fourth Reich, and is surprisingly fun to have a beer with. He has, however, lately been on the decline…his actions in the field becoming more and more questionable to his recruits and friends.


1000203_533722866687190_11479574_nKERRYX is an associate and friend of the Black Family, and a regular performer at the Underground. She is an objectophile and believes herself to be married to ‘Dexter Black III,’ a portable air-conditioning unit that she found backstage during an Underground performance in 2013. Not one to judge, Jasper allowed Kerry her delusions and hosted a lavish wedding party in honour of the happy couple. Not surprisingly, their marriage is one of the most stable in the Underground.


luxxLUCAS ‘LUXX’ VAN HORNE is the family drug dealer. A wannabe rocker with a purple motorcycle, he was a friend of Jasper’s from his teenage years back in the US. He is the brother of Jasper’s first submissive, a young woman named Lily, who was brutally murdered back in the 90’s. Years later, Baelian sought Luxx out and together they hunted and wiped out those responsible for Lily’s death. Luxx is at times both charming and obnoxious, a slave to his own product and generally entertaining to be around, though he’s not always sure of the potency of his goods.


12565602_1049543978418499_7682150608344860928_nFINNIGAN CHASE is the Black Family lawyer. Assigned to the Jasper and co. as a means to stop him from quitting the firm (apparently his name on the door is valuable to them and his boss hoped that the Black’s colourful lifestyle would appeal to Finn), he is brilliant at his job. The only problem is, he doesn’t give a shit. To him, law is astoundingly boring, and Finn likes to get away with doing the bare minimum, cashing his cheques, hoping that no one will notice he’s hardly ever there. Finn knows how to fake being a productive member of society, and he’s very good at it, but he would rather just have a good time…ultimately he’s a layabout and a coward, who quickly discovered he was in way over his head amongst the Black’s and their associates.


1910303_57638513828_4627_nDUNSTAN KREUTZ is one of Jasper’s oldest friends and a former employee of the Black Family. The son of Professor Friedrich Kreutz, he never knew his father…his mother having spirited him away upon the beginning of the old Fundays, when his sister Eugene was surrendered to the festivities. He was sent as a young man by Jerald Black to ‘fetch’ Jasper from a mental institution and quickly befriended the boy, deciding to defy Jerald’s orders and instead take Jasper on a joyride to Vegas. The two have remained close confidantes, lovers and friends ever since. Dunstan resides abroad, but is in regular contact with the Family and is always onhand to ‘take care of things’ as required. He was recently reported missing, and has not been seen or heard from in over a month.


535768_10151290964267693_1202102379_n.jpgREUBEN ‘RAOUL’ KAYE met Jasper in Berlin one warm and fateful night while the former was performing at a cabaret club. Enamoured of the blue-eyed boy with the Devil’s smile, the two spent a wild and mostly completely forgotten weekend of drugs, sex and song together. Years later, Raoul turned up at the Underground with his suitcase in hand, declaring that Jasper had invited him there and that they were to be married. Despite Jasper’s polite rejection of the man and his subsequent marriage to ‘that fishwife Bella,’ Raoul remained one of his close friends and, when the mood struck him, would flounce back into the Family folds to make a spectacle of himself. Raoul is flamboyant, loud, frightfully intelligent and a sexual predator…but always the life of the party.

Written by Nat Harman and Natalie Ristovski.

All characters and story lines remain the property of N.Ristovski and the Underground. All character writings within the Underground are fictitious. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

Copyright © 2015. Natalie Ristovski.