Lilith – Funday 1993

Heavy trigger warnings apply. Rape and paedophilia, violence and bestiality. Concepts, images and themes that may offend.


“Going once!”

-Not him, please not him. Please, not him. Not him-

The nine year old’s light blue eyes were fixed on her father in the crowded richly dressed throng as the auctioneer called the end of her auction.

“Going twice!”

Her vision swam with spots of black, fear tasted like blood in her mouth.

Please Daddy, save me. Don’t let him take me. Not him. –

“Sold to the Reverend Dream!” the auctioneer finished triumphantly and the submissive approached to take Alina down from the podium. Her eyes locked on Baelian from where he was standing with his father, Jerald Black. He was to be auctioned next, they would not see each other for the rest of the night.

Maybe they wouldn’t see each other ever again.

A silent plea went out to him before her face shut down and she accepted the submissive’s subtle prompting to go down the stairs. Her legs were wooden and she prayed she would fall and break her neck. Of course she made it safely, and with her heart in her throat she walked towards her client for the night. As she passed her father she looked up and Marcus smiled at her.

“Be a good girl for the Rev, Darling,” he said and patted her shoulder. The touch spiked panic through her and without realising it she was turning and dashing away, pushing to get through the circle of partying guests.

“Get her!” she heard her father shout over the noise and the submissives and guards broke away from the walls to make a grab for her. Blindly she dodged around people, under tables and through legs until a steely grip latched onto her hair and yanked her back. She screamed as she was drawn to her feet, struggling as the fist tangled tightly around her dark locks. The scent of vodka and cigars filled her nostrils as she flailed to get away, but her captor held her firmly, yanking her head back, exposing her throat.

“Alya, you shame yourself,” Alexei Katorga breathed in her ear, and she stilled. His hands were around her and she was trapped. “And you dishonour your family…” Alexei purred and kissed her cheek, forcing her head towards where the Reverend stood in his priestly black and purple robes, the bejewelled serpent and cross of house Dream dangling heavily on his chest and a leather flogger hooked to his belt. Her eyes flashed to his face, but she couldn’t meet his eyes.

“Alya,” Katorga hissed and she found her voice.

“I am sorry Reverend,” she whispered through a dry throat. The robed man did not reply.

“Good girl.” Alexei smiled again, releasing her suddenly. She almost lost her footing but remained standing, keeping her head bowed, her hands clenching into fists by her sides as she willed herself the dignity of her house. She was Bellamantis and would make her father proud.

Currently, he was not.

Marcus Bellamantis broke away from the crowd and strode forward, slapping her hard enough to knock her to the floor. She fell, and remained where she was, looking up at her father with blank eyes.

She waited.

“Alina! Get up and apologise to the Reverend!” Marcus’ face was cold, though his eyes sparkled with something deep within. She knew he wasn’t really angry, he very rarely had any emotion except amusement. But his amusement was a terrible thing. Alina rose slowly and faced the Reverend again, curtsying low.

“Once again, I am sincerely sorry for my behaviour, Reverend Dream,” she turned to her father and Alexei, “Please forgive my disrespect Father, Mr. Katorga…” she lowered her head and waited, her eyes glittering with suppressed anger and humiliation.

“Now, Reverend!” Marcus said jovially, “Please come and claim your prize.” He clapped a restraining hand on Alina’s shoulder just in case she was thinking of running again, “You can punish her any way you like for her disrespect.” Alina tensed beneath her father’s fingers, fear making her shoulders shake visibly. Marcus looked down at his daughter and a small smile twisted his lips. “Although, as per usual, nothing that will scar her permanently.”

“I will only do what God wills me to do to cleanse this child of her sins,” Reverend Landon Dream’s voice was smooth and deep.

The voice of her nightmares.

“As He wills, then.” Marcus said magnanimously and motioned for two submissives to come forward.

“You know, Marcus,” the Reverend said sagely, “You would benefit from my confessional too. Your sin clings to you like that cologne you are wearing. A dark cloud of decay and treachery. God wills all to kneel before me so that He may cleanse all men of their sin.”

Marcus’s eyes went flat, “I think that pleasure will have to wait,” he replied and surrendered Alina to the submissive’s, who each took one of her arms as, with another shake of his head, the Reverend turned and walked through the crowd with Alina guided after him. The grips of the House slaves were forceful and strong…she would not get away from them this time.

Alina tried to swallow her fear – to push it all down and be brave and strong – but she could feel it rising like waves inside her, could taste it at the back of her throat. She caught a sharp movement out of the corner of her eye and saw Baelian, who had gotten away from his father during the commotion, watching her from behind a gaily dressed woman. His black hair had fallen over his face, but his sapphire gaze burned from behind it. Their eyes locked as Alina was pulled through the room, pity flickered through his and answering anger surging within her.

He would not pity her!

She stuck her tongue out at him as she was swept from the room, then she lost sight of him.

-Stupid cry baby. How dare you pity me.-

Baelian, however, was quickly forgotten as the door to the converted chapel loomed. The Reverend had paid a lot of money to create his perfect sanctuary within the Black Family Manor, where the Funday parties were held. The doors were ornate, large and very heavy – Alina had been unable to get them open herself that one time that she’d been left alone long enough to try. She’d pushed and pushed with all her might, but the colossal doors’ weight had defeated her.

-Maybe I can run before they close them…-

The Reverend’s acolytes stood to attention outside the door and as he approached they pulled on the handles, opening the heavy doors slowly with a whoosh of air. The black spots started again in her vision, her breathing unsteady.

-Control yourself! Make father proud! Don’t show your fear! It’s weak!- her mind reprimanded as her hands shook. Her nails had pushed so far into her palm that she felt a sticky warmth and absently wondered if she had cut herself. She could hear the party continuing in the distance as the bidding started for Jasper Baelian Black, someone with a Russian accent loudly calling out large bids. A spiteful smirk twisted her lips for a moment.

-If Baelian gets bought by the Katorgas, he won’t be having a good night either.-

The loud echo of the doors slamming closed in a rush of heavy air snapped her thoughts immediately from spiteful amusement to cold sobriety, as she found herself finally alone with the Reverend Dream.

Inside the chapel, the darkness was pushed back valiantly by candles – but not enough to make it comfortably light. Shadows loomed large on the stone walls, incense so heavy in the air it was cloying and Alina could feel it tickle the back of her throat when she breathed in.

She stifled a cough – any noise would bring his attention to her sooner, and it was something she hoped to avoid for as long as possible. She stood very still with her face lowered and her hands clasped before her, her eyes following the robed man in frantic attention. Keeping his back to her, he walked away to a little cupboard in the corner, opening it and making a sound of approval before turning to face Alina.

“Well, my dear. I think you better come here so I can see what sins have soaked into your flesh since your last confession.” He waited and Alina, after a brief moment of hesitation, woodenly walked forward. The Reverend indicated where he wanted her and she stood before him with her head down. He held out his hands and started muttering a prayer, running his open palms over the air around her, circling her slowly as he prayed in a language that she didn’t understand. Eventually he stopped before her and heaved a heavy sigh.

“I can see we have a lot of work ahead of us. You should have come to me sooner,” he said with a grave expression. “Remove your clothing so that we may begin removing the sin from your flesh. I will have you naked before me and before God.”
With trembling fingers Alina started to undress, untying the sash at her back and undoing the buttons at her throat. She tried to reach her zipper and could not, turning instead for the Reverend to assist her, repressing a shudder as he carefully unzipped her dress, not allowing their skin to touch.

It was always this way at the beginning. The Reverend liked to be chaste and certain that she was ‘cleansed of sin’ before he touched her body.

The air was cold and she shivered, goosebumps rising on her skin as she hugged herself. Her head was down now, her eyes fixed on the floor – anywhere but the dark eyes of the man standing in front of her. The Reverend pulled in a breath as she stepped out of her dress, watching as she bent to undo her shoes and socks, discarding them and her underwear.

Finally, fully naked and vulnerable, she stood waiting.

This was always one of the worst bits, the silence and cold she had to endure while he decided what to do to her. The Reverend had so many methods and was creative in his torture.

Alina kept her eyes down as he moved into her line of sight, she knew he liked submission and she wasn’t willing to thwart it. She was not as stupid as she once was…she knew that the Reverend was not to be trifled with. There were no games to play with him, no role she was supposed to take on, no mindset she could fall into to make it bearable. He wanted her scared and raw and simply herself and she had no choice but to give it to him. He had long tortured anything else out of her.

“You have grown child.”

The Reverend’s voice was warm in the dark, a faint tremor beneath his words. She knew that tone in other men. He was aroused by her. She looked up briefly and saw his face, glistening faintly with sweat in the candlelight, his eyes glittering with lust and dark thoughts. If he had been any other man she would have pushed him a little, tricked him into fucking her as quickly as possible, as once they were sated many were less inclined towards violence or torture. But this man, he was different and unpredictable. Seduction was intolerable to him.

“What will you have of me, Your Holiness?” Alina said softly, using the title he had instructed her to address him by when they were alone.

The Reverend reached out a hand, running a finger just above the skin of her shoulder, still not touching her though she could tell he wanted to. A twisted part of her deep within wanted to see if she could make him lose himself to lust like her other conquests and fuck her without his rituals. The thought warmed her for a moment, the idea of the power she might have over him should she manage it was intoxicating.

Until she remembered who she was dealing with. Reverend Dream might be seduced, but he would punish her in the most inventive ways for his own weaknesses.

Better to wait and let him decide.


The Reverend turned abruptly, moving to the cupboard, then returning with an item he’d rarely used with her…but for the first few times they were together. She looked up at him in confusion as he quickly handed it to her.

“Don it,” he said, the tremor in his voice more pronounced now. Alina nodded and slid into the cold metal chastity belt as instructed, locking it securely and handing him the key, which he pocketed. The uncomfortable metal underwear covered her genitals completely.

Standing before her, the Reverend opened his robe. Alina knew what he wanted – she had done this many times before. Standing on tiptoe, she removed his robe, placing it on the nearby altar. His shirt followed, carefully folded with his priest’s collar on top. The necklace she removed slowly, careful not to brush her fingers over much on his skin in case he accused her of trying to caress him. The heavy cross with the snake was coiled neatly on the clothes before she nodded to the man again and turned to retrieve the prayer stool from its appointed corner, bringing it back and placing it in front of him without being asked. Then she stood, waiting, the cold metal of the chastity belt beginning to chafe against her skin. She ignored it. She knew it was going to get so much worse.

Dream knelt before her on the prayer stool, and she noticed with a start that his eyes were now level with her chest when he did this. When they had begun, many years ago, he used to be able to look right into her eyes.

“Be still.”

The Reverend untied the flogger from his belt and rubbed his face with his hand. Sweat glistened on his upper lip as he looked up at her. With her eyes down she could look directly into his gaze, and in their current position there was nowhere for her to look to look away. He reached out a hand and touched the air over her shoulder once more, then moved it down to hover for a moment over her prepubescent breasts. Her body, it seemed, was finally catching up with her hyper-sexualised existence.

“Here, see! Two indications that you are now becoming that creature of evil, the cause of all sin in the world. The temptress and seducer of good men…Lilith. That filthy, wanton woman who denied God and Adam’s sovereignty over her and declared herself to be their equal.”

His tongue touched his lips as his eyes focused on Alina’s breasts, his hand moving down to her narrowing waist and then to the chastity device. He touched the metal and his breath hitched, then he swallowed and, without warning, swung the flogger to land with force on his own back.

The Reverend cried out and rocked on his knees. Alina stood very still as his eyes opened and fixed on her with a fevered and heated look that told her he had liked the pain. Leaning forward slightly, until his face was almost pressed against her chest but still not touching her, he breathed in her scent heavily.


The flogger swung again, then again against his skin. The Reverend cried out in both pain and pleasure, and looking down Alina saw that his trousers could barely restrain his arousal. He righted himself, a river of sweat running down the side of his face as he hit himself again and again in quick succession, his eyes fixed on her naked body inches from his face. When his tongue snaked out to lick his lips she knew he wanted to touch her, that he was losing his battle with himself. Hanging his head suddenly, he pressed his forehead to her chest, breathing heavily as she felt a shudder run through him at the contact. From where she stood ramrod straight she could see the welts beginning on his back.

“Whore,” he said against her chest, his tongue flicking out to lick her skin as another shudder went through him, “You are tempting me like Lilith tempted Adam. Like Lilith tempted God. I will not give in to you and your sin. You must be cleansed first…”
He spoke in a rush and pulled back his head, hitting himself twice more before reaching out a hand to her body. It trembled, and when he finally made contact he jerked and doubled over, as if that alone brought him close to orgasm. Shuddering, the Reverend lifted his head, licking a long line up her chest until he reached one of her small breasts, taking the nipple in his mouth and suckling. His hands came up to pull her hand against his lips, he’d dropped the flogger to the floor with a clatter. His fingers scrabbled at the chastity belt and he moaned with frustration when he couldn’t get his fingers inside.

“Whore. Serpent. Temptress,” he panted against her skin.

Alina stood stock still, confused and alarmed by this turn of events. He’d never lost control like this, he’d never touched her before she was ‘cleansed,’ and she was at a loss for what to do. If he had been one of her other clients she would have touched his cock, brought him to orgasm with her small hands. But not with the Reverend. Never with the Reverend.

She remained standing while he let his hands roam over her, kissing and licking her skin and latching his hot mouth on her breasts, trailing his lips down her stomach. He reached the belt and moaned again in frustration, his cock jerking in his trousers. And suddenly he was grabbing her by the hair, dragging her down as she cried out, shoving her to the floor as his free hand fumbled for the chastity device’s key.

“I shall cleanse you with my body, and you will become pure through the grace of God. He will not allow your sin to pass to me. I am the vessel of the Almighty and He will use me to save you… ” he got out breathlessly as finally he found the key and, with trembling fingers, unlocked the belt, pulling it off so roughly that it cut her leg on a rough edge. The prayer stool was knocked over as he discarded the metal device.

“You will receive the glory of God, my Lilith…” he hissed, holding her down as he dealt with his pants. When his cock sprung free the Reverend covered Alina with his large body, forcing himself into her at the foot of the altar. She cried out, her body quickly adjusting to him as it had been trained to.

It was over in seconds. The Reverend shuddered and jerked as he came, and she turned her face away in disgust as the sweat from his brow fell on her face. When he stopped moving she turned her gaze back to him, just in time to see his features contort in rage. She cringed back against the floor as he hit her in the face, her head smacking the stone floor hard enough that she saw stars. He pulled himself out of her and stood, his back to her, smoothing his pants and readjusting himself.

“You viper,” he hissed suddenly, “You have a demon in you that has tempted and seduced me.”

The Reverend carefully redressed himself as Alina curled into a ball on the cold floor, watching him carefully as her head pounded. He had calmed down by the time he turned to face her again, holding his cross in his hand by the chain and nodding sagely at her.

“I am sad for you, my child, but I fear that using my body will not be enough to ruin me. I believe that God is protecting me when I touch you, but touching you has made it very clear to me that there is a demon that is causing sin to manifest inside you.”

He pulled the chain over his head, once again fully dressed in his priestly attire.

“I must save you from the demon within you,” he picked the flogger up from the floor, flipping it idly against his other hand, “Arise, child.” He gestured for Alina to get up and she complied slowly, watching as he righted the prayed stool. The cold had soaked into her bones and she shivered, a fine tremor starting again in her body.

Tonight was going to be the worst night of her life, she knew. The Reverend had reached a new apex in his delusion and she was going to pay for his lust. Cold dread pooled in her stomach as she moved to kneel on the stool with her back to him, open and bare. She bowed her head to hopefully save it from the lashing she was about to receive and took a deep breath.

“You are to remain in this humble position to demonstrate your willingness to be purified. Do you understand?” The Reverend’s calm voice was tinged with a dark edge as he gave the command and Alina nodded, opening her mouth slightly so that when he struck her she wouldn’t bite down on her tongue, lips or cheeks. Practice made perfect and she knew this position like an old friend. He was his usual self now. The compassionate torturer trying to save her soul.

“Do you understand?” he asked again and she hurriedly replied the affirmative, confusion once again filling her. He never usually wanted a response, he preferred her silent confirmation of his correct opinion.

The flogger fell without warning against her back and she cried out, the knots in the supple leather leaving welts where they touched. She swayed forward but returned to her upright position immediately. He hit her again and her teeth knocked together – she forgot to open her mouth. He hit her twice in succession and she bit her tongue and screamed.

“That’s it, my child,” Dream said calmly, the flogger whistling as it swung around to bite into her back. She screamed again. “Let out the demon that is living inside you. Bring her out so I can purify you.”

He rained heavy handed blows across back until Alina couldn’t remain upright any longer, her small frame swaying forward, her eyes fluttering closed as blackness took her for the briefest moment. She regained consciousness as she hit the floor, gasping awake and looking behind her hurriedly, struggling to rise and abase herself at Reverend Dream’s feet in atonement for her disobedience.

He smiled almost kindly and tilted her chin up with his hand.

“You did well, child. I see the demon fighting to stay hidden and forcing your body to rebel. We will soon purify you of her.”

Alina swayed on her feet as he turned away and left her standing, feeling the sticky wetness of blood running down her legs. She wondered if he had scarred her. Her Daddy would be furious.

“Come here,” Reverend Dream called from the altar and Alina walked rigidly towards him, her back already beginning to stiffen at the sharp pain. She clenched her teeth together and willed herself not to show her fear. She was a Bellamantis, she was not weak. She would be strong.

The Reverend gestured for her to get up onto the altar and lie down, and she frowned ever so slightly.

This was also new.

-Move, do what he says. Quickly-

She did as instructed, darkness once again stealing over her vision as she lay down against the cold, hard stone. She bit back a scream, closing her eyes and trying to think of anything else but the pain.


She started as a metal cuff snapped shut around her ankle, fear rising up to choke her quite unexpectedly. Her foot thrashed of its own accord, the steel biting into her flesh as she frantically fought to get her foot free. The Reverend calmly grabbed her flailing limb, pinning it down and securing her other foot within moments, a stern, disappointed look on his face.

“Now my child, I need to bind you down for the purification – the demon Lilith will not want to be removed. She is very powerful and you need to let me help you.”
He took her wrist, forcing her onto her back once again. Alina went down, breathing quickly. She wasn’t allowed to fight him, she told herself. He had bought her at the auction. He was her client. The pain would not last forever, and he was not allowed to permanently hurt her. Willing her breaths to slow and trying to think of other things, the young girl let him have her other wrist without protest. When he was done securing her, she lay naked and spreadeagled on the stone altar, her wounds open and raw against the stone. It burned, but Alina was more concerned about what was coming…and the frighteningly zealous expression on the Reverend’s face as he looked her over. He stood at her feet, his eyes alight with lust and madness…something dark moving behind his gaze, a shadow that made her shudder with fear. She was completely helpless and he could do anything to her now. A tear escaped her left eye and she focused hard on the roof of the chapel, determined that it would be the only one she shed. Dream ran a hand gently over her body and she jumped at his touch.

“The outside of your skin has been purified, my child. I can see that the demon forcing your body into the image of the sinful Lilith has halted for now,” his fingers traced over her small breasts and down her stomach to the light tuft of blonde hair starting to grow above her vagina.

“See here, how it is the colour of the angels now? Soon Lilith will force it to turn black with her sin, and you will call men to you like a siren, seducing them into vice and debauchery,” the Reverend shook his head sadly, two fingers moving further down and slipping inside her.

Alina felt ill as her body responded as it was trained to, her hips arching beneath his touch. Bile rose in her throat and she tried not to scream. The Reverend drew back his fingers, his face twisting as he noted the wetness on them, that dark shadow dancing behind his gaze again.

“Her woman’s juice uses your body as a vessel to distract me from my calling, tempting me to bury myself within you and succumb to the pleasure she promises…” he clicked his tongue and produced a purple silk cloth from his robes, wiping his fingers clean before pocketing it again. “But it is empty pleasure, my child. Empty promises that leave you wanting more and draw you ever closer to Hell’s fiery gates as you lust for something that only God can provide. The Heavenly forgiveness of His sight can only be obtained by submitting to His mercy and His servant…” he patted her foot with almost fatherly affection, moving closer to her head so she could look at him without straining her neck. His calm face filled her vision as he bent forward, reaching over her head to pull another manacle from behind the altar, snapping it around her neck swiftly.

Alina stifled her panic.

Dream gave a saintly smile and patted her cheek.

“I get no pleasure from pouring my holy seed into your body, my only desire is that it will purify you from the within. I have already done so once tonight, but I see that you are too far gone in your transformation to be saved by my sacrifice alone. But,” the Reverend smile at her sagely, “God in His wisdom has sent his servants in their original guise to help me with your purification.”

He moved to the corner of the room, outside of her view, and rang a bell.

“You see,” he went on, as a line of acolytes entered the room, carrying wicker baskets,

“God sent me a vision of what I must do to help you, little Alina Bellamantis. He knew you would be blessed to have confession with me tonight…” The acolytes moved to flank the wall behind the altar, the last of them somewhat shorter and clad in a black and purple robe that covered their face, a large tome tucked under their arm.
Alina’s eyes scanned the line of strangers, then flickered to the wicker baskets in their hands. Her body was singing with pain from the lashing, the hard stone aggravating the cuts and bruising her spine and shoulder blades. Her wide blue eyes tried to keep everyone in sight, but the manacle around her neck kept her from being able to lift her head all the way unless she strained against the metal and choked herself. She let her head fall back and tried to calm her racing heart as her blood pounded in her ears.

– Don’t panic. Keep calm. You’re a Bellamantis. Make Daddy proud.-

“Behold Lilith!” Reverend Dream called from somewhere near her feet. She lifted her head as far as she could, her brows lofting as she saw the basket he had placed between her spread legs. “Your Master has come and He shall wrench you from this body and throw you into the fire!”

Alina felt her breath catch and she looked around wildly at the acolytes beside her. They had moved to place their baskets around the altar and now stood back with their hands hidden in their robes, their faces bowed as they began to chant in low voices.

Then a young girl’s voice echoed through the chamber, reading from what appeared to be a bible somewhere behind Alina’s head. The tone was mild and calm and she had trouble recognising it through the pounding in her ears, the chanting of the acolytes changing pace as the Reverend reached into the first basket. Dread sank Alina’s heart into her stomach and her eyes swam with tears that she blinked away quickly, trying to steel herself.

Until the Reverend pulled out a large black snake.

Then she lost control.

Terror seared through Alina and she screamed, yanking at the metal that held her vulnerable and exposed upon the altar. Her tears started to fall, a strangled sob stifled in her throat by a lump of fear as the acolytes stepped forward to remove their own snakes from the baskets around her.

“Just as those who looked in faith to the serpent in the wilderness were healed, so those who look in faith to the listed up Son of Man will have eternal life….” the girl behind Alina intoned, the acolytes stepping forward as one to place their snakes onto the altar around her.

Within seconds the serpents were slithering over Alina’s prone body, craving the warmth of her skin over the cold stone. She froze as the creatures touched her flesh, the scream in her throat coming out as a whimper. A snake explored her chest, its tongue flicking out as it softly hissed as she shrieked.

“For from the serpents root a viper will come out. And its fruit will be a flying serpent…”

Alina’s fear was causing black spots to blur her vision, but she couldn’t pass out. She wouldn’t allow herself to be unconscious when there were snakes all over her body. They crawled and slid over her, trying to find warmth anywhere they could.

“They will pick up serpents, and if they drink any deadly poison, it will not hurt them. They will lay hands on the sick and they will recover….” Alina’s eyes flicked upwards and she tilted her head back as all at once she recognised the voice above her.

The Iron Maiden.

Her lips parted, twisting in momentary anger and outrage, the biting words she might have uttered at the young girl dying on her lips as she suddenly she felt something hard pushed inside her, opening her painfully. She gasped. She knew that feeling…the nurse used one of those things to examine her after the Funday parties. It kept her parts open so that other instruments could be placed inside.


Alina started to sob as she realised what was going to happen.

“No. No, no, no…please…” she begged, though her voice was barely a breathless whisper and was lost amidst the chanting and Eden’s droning voice reciting her bible passages, Alina lifted her head, ignoring the snake near her face and the licking tongue tickling her chin, and looked down her naked body to the Reverend. He was holding the black snake easily and confidently, his eyes glittering with pious enjoyment. Alina let out a cry, shaking her head as her begging became louder.

The Reverend caught her expression and stifled the enjoyment on his face.

“My child. We will cleanse you from within with God’s own healing instrument. Like Moses in the desert, hoisting a bronze snake aloft for the children of Israel to look upon and be saved from the venom, so too will we use this sacred creature to purify your insides.”

“No. No please don’t. Please don’t,” Alina sobbed, her words coming in a desperate babble, quite beyond her ability to stay strong. She was so terrified she could taste blood.

“Oh my dear Lilith…our God is merciful but only to those that are chaste and pure of heart. You have used this poor sweet girl’s body as a vessel and I will rid you from it like pruning a diseased bough.”

The acolyte nearest the Reverend nodded and the robed man returned the gesture, lowering the black snake and manoeuvring its sleek head at her entrance. Sensing a dark, warm and wet refuge, the snake struck forward.

Alina screamed long and high as the creature moved inside her, her mind finally giving into the blackness, unable to cope and she passed out.

She awoke with no idea how much time had passed, her body lit with pain. Her back was stiff, her joints sore…and her insides ached. There were still a few candles lit, but their flame barely penetrated the darkness. Alina was still in the chapel, still tied down to the altar, her eyes widening as she looked around herself frantically, letting out a sob of relief to see that the snakes were gone.

“How do you feel, my child?”

The Reverend’s voice was smooth and rich in the darkness, and her breath strangled in her throat. She became very still as he materialised out of the darkness, naked except for the gold cross dangling at his chest.

“We have purified you once more, and you are free…” he told her gravely and Alina felt a spark of hope rise in her chest.

He was letting her go!

She desperately needed pain medication, her entire body was on fire. She made a small mewling sound in her throat as the Reverend moved to stand by her head, unclasping the manacle from around her neck. She felt the chafing as it was pulled away and she bit her lip, remaining unmoving as he undid the rest of the steel cuffs one by one, gesturing for her to rise.

Alina sat up gingerly, crying out as the flesh of her back stuck to the cold stone. Sniffling, she numbly waited for him to dismiss her so she could be taken to the nurse, but he didn’t. Instead he stood beside the altar, taking her hand and dragging her to her feet. She stumbled, her legs were still asleep, and clung to his hand to keep her balance, biting back a cry as the sudden movements caused a sharp stabbing pain inside her.

“Come my child,” he squeezed her hand gently and pulled her after him into the back of the chapel, where a large velvet curtain cut off the rest of the room. His bed lay behind those drapes, she knew, her heart dropping and fresh tears blurring her vision as she realised that it wasn’t over.

Now that she was ‘cleansed,’ he could take his pleasure of her.

“We need to thank God for his provision and wisdom in showing me how to save you,” the Reverend said, turning to lift her onto the bed. “Giving pleasure to His servant and mouthpiece will bring Him pleasure…” he paused and stood before her, looking down, his cock growing firm before her glassy eyes.

“You want to thank Him for His goodness and love?” the Reverend said, tilting her chin upwards so he could see her eyes. Alina nodded, mute, and he squeezed her face in gratitude, his thumb forcing her lips apart, barely giving her enough time to breathe before he was pushing himself inside her mouth. His hand moved to her hair and she blinked, her lips pursing automatically as she started to suck lightly on him as she had been taught.

It was hours more before she was finally released…hours which she remembered nothing of later, though she was sore enough to know that she had made them worth the Reverend’s while, giving him all the pleasure he had demanded of her and more. She’d passed out again sometime during the night, feverish dreams of snakes and sweating hands running over her skin wrenching her gasping awake in the early hours of morning.

She had been left alone in the chapel, the heavy doors wide open and unlocked, the house beyond her private Hell silent as the grave. Her father was no doubt entangled with a little girl or two in the personal quarters he enjoyed whenever he visited, Baelian – if he was still alive – was probably still being tortured by the Russians or had passed out from the bottles of vodka they seemed to love pouring down his throat. Most of the other guests would either be asleep or gone.

No one was coming for her.

Sliding naked and trembling off the bed, she winced and gasped as sharp pain tore through her. A small hand pressed against her belly and she whimpered, then swallowed at the lump in her throat.

-Be strong. Be brave.-

Padding barefoot through the chapel, her blue eyes darting this way and that in search of snakes in the shadows, Alina moved towards the doors, picking up her discarded dress and wrapping it with shaking hands around her body.

She knew what she was supposed to do…she had to go and find the nurse, to have her wounds examined and dressed before she could go to bed, but she was so tired and sore she barely made it to the large doors. Falling against them, she clung to the ornate wood, her pale hand shaking as she gripped one of the handles, her forehead bowing against the carved surface.

And she cried.

For a long time she cried, her sobs echoing through the abandoned chapel, until anger finally dried her eyes.

“I will kill you,” she whispered to the darkness and silence, shuddering at the memory of serpents over her skin. She grit her teeth, forcing herself to push away from the doors, her cold eyes scanning the chapel one last time.

“I will kill you…” she murmured again, her voice sharp in the shadows.

“One day.”

Then she turned to hobble down the carpeted hallway in search of the nurse.

Written by C.Maliepaard.

All characters and story lines remain the property of N.Ristovski and the Underground. All character writings within the Underground are fictitious. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

Copyright © 2017. Natalie Ristovski.



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